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1626 - Regensburg in der Europa-Karte von John Speed

Die Europa-Karte aus dem Atlas von John Speed, 1626

Zoombare Version, hier eingebettet (fahren Sie mit der Maus über die Karte und der Zoom-Regler erscheint; Sie können die Karte mit gedrückter Maustaste bewegen; die linke Textspalte können Sie wegklicken):

Publication Author:

Speed, John, 1542-1629

Pub Date:


Pub Title:

The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine. Presenting An Exact Geography of the Kingdomes of England, Scotland, and Ireland and the Isles adjoyning with the Shires Hundreds Citys and the Shire townes within the Kingdome of England devided and described. As also A Prospect of the most famous Parts of the World. By John Speed ... London. Printed for Thomas Bassett and Richard Chiswell. 1676.

Pub Note:

This book contains two of John Speed's most important atlases, "The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine," and "A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World." Published by Bassett & Chiswell in 1676, it is a late edition of both works which were originally published in 1612 for the Theatre and 1627 for the Prospect. This edition of the Prospect expands the maps from the original 21 maps in the 1627 edition to 28 maps, including new maps of British possessions in North America. These two Speed atlases are considered the most important English language atlases of the 17th century. They both went through many editions - The Theatre published by John Sudbury and George Humble, 1612 and 1616; George Humble 1623, 1627, 1631/1632; William Humble 1646, 1650,1654; Roger Rea 1662, 1665; Bassett & Chiswell 1676; Christopher Browne ca. 1690, 1695; John & Henry Overton 1710, 1743; Dicey & Co ca. 1770. The Prospect published by George Humble 1627, 1631/1632; William Humble 1646,1650, 1654; Roger Rea in 1662, 1665; Bassett & Chiswell 1676. Relief shown by sketches.